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Benefits of Buying a New Home

The first step of buying a home is deciding whether to buy a new home or a pre-owned home. There are many differences between the two options and we would like to point out some of the potential benefits of buying a new home over a pre-owned home.



New homes tend to be built in accordance with the latest building codes and safety regulations (U.S. News)

Older homes may not be up to date on the latest building codes and safety regulations.

New homes are often times built with new technologies, energy efficient standards and building practices. This, in-turn, may give you a much safer and efficient home. (U.S. News)

The design of the home and amenities may not match your personality and you could be limited in customization options (Mullins)

New homes may offer you the opportunity to customize the home to match your personality. (Mullins)

Existing homes can be costly to renovate in order to match your tastes and lifestyle.

A brand-new home should not require the amount of upgrades and maintenance that a pre-owned home may need in order to comfortably move in and maintain. (i.e. painting, repairs, missing appliances, etc...) (Mullins)

Pre-owned home appliances, cooling/heating units and water heaters could be outdated and may need replacing before, or soon after, move-in.

Once the build is complete and the move-in date has been set, your new home is ready for you to move-in immediately and comfortably.

Once the sale is complete, repairs and renovation could be required before you move-in to a pre-owned home. (Mullins)

Buying a new home allows you to start with a clean slate. The garage is empty, the kitchen is new, and the backyard offers a chance for you to design around your way-of-life with new trees, gardens, playground, etc... (NAHB)

The maintenance on a pre-owned home can be more imminent. You may end up with a never ending list of tasks to bring the house up to your standards.

New homes generally come with warranties. (U.S. News)

Pre-owned homes usually do not come with an extensive and reliable warranty. (U.S. News)


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Did you know that Home ownership can provide the following benefits over renting?

Mortgage payments may compete with rent costs


Home and landscaping options

Total control over your property

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