The People Who Make it Happen


Rob Frerichs President & Owner

Growing up on his grandparents farm in rural Danforth, IL Rob started his early years no stranger to hard work. After leaving the family farm Rob headed north, where he set up trade shows for a large Chicago-based construction company. Soon after, Rob focused his strong work ethic into creating quality homes. Rob began as a local home builder creating affordable custom homes in the Bourbonnais area. Rob has since grown Unlimited Construction from a local home builder to the regional new construction company you see today.

Presently, Rob oversees construction and development operations, assists in the design and sale of new construction homes, and operates all aspects of the subdivision development from excavating to infrastructure build out. 

Jake Freichs

Jake Frerichs 

As the son of Rob, Jake started his involvement with Unlimited Construction at a young age. Jake started working summers during his school years, gradually getting more involved in construction activities. Once graduating from high school, Jake continued on to Parkland College, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the University of Illinois at Springfield where he played collegiate baseball and focused on his studies. Jake earned a dual major and graduated in honors with Bachelors Degrees in Business Management and Business Administration with a core focus in finance. After college Jake joined Unlimited Construction full time.


Roxy Jr. Assitant to the President

Roxy, the most outspoken in the office, enjoys the spotlight. Her main goal is making sure anyone nearby knows she is around. Similar to Minnie, Roxy enjoys naps, but only on elevated surfaces she cannot get to unless helped. While awake, Roxy likes to follow her older counterpart Minnie around.


Minnie Chief Executive Pawfficer

Minnie assists in maintaining a high energy work environment.  When not sleeping, Minnie enjoys searching for squirrels and other wildlife outside of the office.